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Amanda Horton offers voice lessons for all voices, age 13 and up, in Asheville and Brevard, and virtually via Zoom and Facetime platforms.

Voice lessons are for everyone!  I believe anyone with a healthy sense of curiosity and play, combined with a genuine desire to express their deepest self can be a wonderful singer.  My philosophy is a “Whole-Singer” approach- utilizing physical, psychological, emotional and spiritual discovery along the way, and always honoring the unique story, strengths and intuition of each student.  You might make sounds you never dreamed of, work through emotional baggage, find the joy in creating that you’re missing, or simply come to a better understanding of how your voice works.  My studio is a safe space to explore, question, experiment, doubt, laugh, cry and celebrate.

I believe in the power of the many benefits to voice study- confidence, happiness, endorphins emotional release, intellectual stimulation, creative fulfillment, collaboration with others, and the palpable joy that comes from bringing music into a world that needs it. Your body and mind need it too!

General lesson goals include:
elimination of tension, fatigue and strain; 
“rehab” from negative messages and/or emotional associations (grief, anxiety, self-doubt, etc);
proper breath management through understanding muscle function and alignment;
increased stamina and muscle tone for performances, rehearsals and recording sessions;
and developing JOY through range, musicality, expression and flexibility.

Singing is not “one-size-fits-all”, and lessons shouldn’t be, either.  My job is to enhance your current body of knowledge and understanding, and help you figure out what isn’t working and why. My goals are practicality, compassion and authenticity.

Members of the voice studio are invited to participate in studio recitals, community outreach events and master classes.  All musical styles and experience levels are welcome. 

Studio members sing in choirs, bands, sacred/ worship groups, operas, jazz combos, musical theatre performances and to their grandkids and pets.  Students have been accepted to University of North Carolina School of the Arts, Interlochen, Royal Conservatory of Scotland, Manhattan School of Music, Indiana University, Boston Conservatory, UNC-Greensboro, USC, Eastman & Brevard Music Center.  Many have won full tuition college music scholarships, recorded studio albums, gone on tour with their rock bands, sung solos in church, synagogue and community concerts, and performed the leading roles in musical theatre productions. (Read testimonials below.) 

A 3-month minimum commitment is required for new students, and all lessons are paid in advance.



‘My experience in working with Amanda over the last 3 months has been amazing.  I am a professional musician, songwriter and producer from New Zealand, and currently based in Asheville, NC. Her ability to articulate and demonstrate the mechanics and function of singing in a way that really makes sense for me has been really astounding. 

I have been working with several coaches over the years, but Amanda stands head and shoulders above the rest. Not only because of her professionalism, expertise and mastery, but also because she really cares and has an inspiring passion for the art of singing. I highly, highly recommend working with Amanda.” 

(Ciaran M., professional singer-songwriter, producer, performer)


“Without Amanda I would not have been accepted into three of my dream pre-conservatories.  Amanda is not only a teacher but a friend and role model. Voice lessons with Amanda will open your mind, educate you about your body and your own instrument, and most importantly provide you with an opportunity to be a part of something bigger than yourself.” (Sophia, high school student, currently studying voice at Royal Conservatory of Scotland, alumnus Interlochen high school arts academy)


“Amanda’s guidance helped me change years of deeply ingrained vocal habits and gave me the tools to expand and explore my vocal abilities. She helped me develop a deeper awareness and control of how my breath and body impact my sound. I highly recommend Amanda to anyone who wants to grow their voice, their confidence and their repertoire. Working with Amanda has been incredibly rewarding. ” (Jacqueline L. adult singer, performer)


“Amanda helped me improve not only my singing but my confidence in my voice lessons.  She helped me prepare repertoire for a successful audition to the UNC School for the Arts high school program. What I appreciate the most in my lessons is how Amanda adapts her teaching to fit her student’s learning style. She taught me vocal technique as well as proper audition etiquette. I am so grateful for the support and kindness Amanda showed me and can’t imagine going into college and summer program auditions without the preparation I gained in my lessons.” (R. G. high school student accepted to Brevard Music Center and UNC School for the Arts)


“Where should I begin? With the wonderful singer Amanda is, with an amazing combination of subtlety and power, expressiveness and grace? Or with the gifted vocal instructor with an uncanny ability to bring out the best in every individual voice student? After years of intense work with Amanda, applying what I learned in her studio recitals and in my choral singing, I continue to be baffled what my singing voice has turned into. Even my speaking voice got raised to a level I never thought possible. I’m asked repeatedly if I put my bass voice to use as a radio announcer; 99% of the credit goes to Amanda, for teaching me how to breathe properly and how to use the various areas of resonance in my body. Amanda not only teaches these techniques- she is also a perfect role model when she applies them in her own breath-taking (pun intended) performances.” (Christian H., adult student and choral singer)


“[Amanda] took a young kid who truly knew nothing about his own voice and transformed me light years beyond where I was. You have always challenged me, trusted me, and above all taught me to be my very best.”
(D. G., high school student accepted to UNCG with scholarship for vocal music)


“The time, talent, expertise and guidance you have poured into [our son] are invaluable.  We will be forever grateful for how you have encouraged him and coached him as he ventures in to the collegiate world. Because of your investment in his young, yet maturing, voice, he has had numerous opportunities afforded to him, many more than we had dreamed.” (Barbara G., parent)


“Starting in my sophomore year of high school, I had the privilege to experience Amanda Horton’s direct and effective training. She does an amazing job of building up your knowledge, and I’ve noticed a sharp incline in my personal success ever since I started working under her. After being in a Brevard Music Center production and now being a student at UNCSA, it is obvious that Amanda has prepared me for the expected commitment and skills required to be in a professional performance atmosphere.” (L. F., high school student, accepted to UNC School for the Arts)


“Amanda’s a stellar example of a competent, caring teacher. Singing is clearly her passion, and she shares it beautifully with her students. Her commitment to her profession and her students is inspiring.” (T. H., parent)


“Very simply, studying with Amanda has allowed me to sing again, when I thought my singing days were over. Her knowledge of technique is vast, and her support and encouragement all along the way is priceless. She can help anyone find the joy in making music.”  (Jane P., adult student, professional singer, cantor & composer)


“I so enjoyed Amanda’s endless patience, thoughtfulness and many approaches to eliminate my ‘bad habits’. I never really learned to sing, just did it, and believe me, there are endless opportunities to sing the wrong way! My biggest joy was practicing the choral parts and returning to the rehearsals with the group and being a supportive member and feeling ‘safe’. Even speaking publicly was much better with improved breathing and vocal technique.”
(Sandra H., adult student, church choir singer, Choral Society member)


“I am so thankful to have worked with Amanda! She has really helped me to build confidence and a greater understanding of who I am as a vocalist.  She is an amazing teacher and I have learned so much from her with voice
(and music in general), that I will be able to apply for the rest of my career!”
(Monique G., singer songwriter, accepted to ASU for music therapy, Berklee student)


“Taking voice lessons from Amanda Horton has helped me learn a lot about myself as a singer, what I’m good at and what I need to improve on. Lessons have helped me grow as an individual singer, as well as in choir. Overall, Amanda creates a supportive environment that is tailored to best help you.” (S. M., high school student)


“Voice lessons with Amanda have given me much more confidence in my solo work. I’ve learned a lot about vocal technique- how to breathe, how to stand, how to shape the words. I’ve sung all my life, but my lessons with Amanda are the first structured voice lessons.  I’ve learned how I’m supposed to sing vs. just guessing at it. Amanda is patient, caring and well-prepared, and is very good at teaching older students!” (S. M., adult student, choral singer)


“Amanda is a fantastic teacher!  I love the way she provides visual images that help our son connect cognitively with his vocal goals. Within a few months he has established a confidence in singing that I know he will enjoy for all his life.”
(Anna H., parent)


“What I enjoy most is that I get one-on-one time. I like that because you can improve more when the teacher focuses on you, helping you correct your mistakes and encourage you more. And also no one is there to laugh if you mess up- it’s a really great thing. Amanda encourages me to keep going if I mess up, because we learn from our mistakes.”
(I. B., middle school student)


“When starting my voice lessons with Amanda Horton at the age of 57, I already had been singing in a choir for 13 years.  I never had lessons before nor did I know about any singing technique.  I learned how to breathe, how to support, to sing in the “right space” and many more important details. Everything improved SO much! I very much enjoy [Amanda’s] endless patience. I discovered that even at my age you can learn to sing in a better way. Amanda is a patient, encouraging, thoughtful, humorous and gifted teacher.” (C.H., adult student, member of Symphony Chorus)


“Since I began voice lessons with Amanda, I have gained a great deal of confidence in my abilities as a singer in a choir and congregational prayer leader.  Amanda has provided me with the technical tools necessary to sing with confidence and joy.  Amanda will bring out the very best in you.  I highly recommend Amanda as a teacher!” 
(Judy B., adult student, soloist/cantor)


“Amanda has taught me lots of breathing exercises and she has gradually made it so I can sing the high notes. I enjoy my lessons and think Amanda is a very practical and kind person. I am glad I take lessons with her.”
(A.W., middle school student)


“I have gone through my life thinking I could not sing and never attempted to sing in front of anyone.  After picking up playing a guitar I wanted to try to learn some basics about singing.  I was very surprised and happy with my progress…  I am so glad I took the step to learn a new skill, it has brought much happiness to me and my family.”  (Chris S., adult student)


“I’m a 63 year old newbie to voice lessons… However, I’ve been around the block and can report that Amanda is a technically astute teacher. Equally important is her capacity to read my needs as a student and accommodate them, both during a lesson and in preparation for the next one.” (Maria F., adult student, church choir member)


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