AmiciMusic's "A Cello Rondo", September 7, 2013

AmiciMusic’s “A Cello Rondo”, September 7, 2013

Franklin Keel, cello — Daniel Weiser, piano

Saturday September 7, 2013 at 2:00 PM
with Amanda Horton, soprano

AmiciMusic presents a great afternoon cornucopia at the home of Kristie and Doug Doll at 309 Mountain Laurel on Buffalo Mountain in Asheville.  $35 includes food and wine.   This program will be a potpourri of music with Franklin as well as two singers, Mark Sayre (son of the hostess) and Amanda Horton, and possible guest appearances by a flutist and trumpet player.  Call 802-369-0856 to reserve or e-mail daniel@amicimusic.org

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